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Leading Technology – Lasting Performance

It’s Only Natural To Want The Best.

Mereen-Johnson goes to extremes when it comes to accuracy – cutting wood, composites, plastic, concrete, aluminum & more.

IRS Section 179

Year end is coming and it’s time to think about your IRS Section 179 deductions. Section 179 of the IRS code allows you to take ALL of a deduction in one year for a capital equipment expenditure instead of spreading it out over several years.

This is a tremendous tax benefit, but to take advantage of this for 2019 you need to place your order very soon. Fortunately, you are in luck! We have capital equipment in stock and ready for shipment! Call today and take advantage of our special year-end pricing as well! 612-529-7791 or 1-888-4MJSAWS

Modern-Day Machinery And Material

In today’s world, conservation & replenishable resources have become a part of our nature.

Whether it’s ensuring the highest yield possible or embracing the use of composite materials, Mereen-Johnson customers have come to depend upon the durable longevity and accuracy of our machinery.

Rip Saws

Optimizing Equipment



Sizing Machines

Some of Our Industry Leading—Cutting Edge Equipment

  • Moving Blade Gang Rip Saws
  • High Speed Roll Feed Rip Saws
  • Tenoners
  • Panel Sizing Systems
  • PBox Presses
  • I-Joists & Other Structural Wood
  • Fixed-Arbor Rip Saws
  • High Production Run Dovetailers & Box Presses
  • Door Sizing Systems
  • High-Pressure Laminate Trim Lines

Leaders Of Precision Since 1905

MEREEN-JOHNSON’s technically advanced methods complement our complete line of the rip saw optimizing systems.

Our history of performance since 1905 has guided the precision that’s built into each of our high-performance, lowest cost of ownership machines.

At Mereen-Johnson, our customers trust that we support the environment through our state-of-the-art yield management systems. Each machine provides technically advanced, cutting edge solutions that deliver the most eco-friendly production available on the market today.

More About Us

Our Vision

We are positioned to address the challenges that woodworking manufacturing operations will face in the future; just as we did back in 1905. Although manufacturing methods have changed since then, it is our goal to produce only the finest quality products & services has not.

Our Value

Quality products that are manufactured in the USA, Mereen-Johnson provides assurance to the original purchaser that the equipment will be free from manufacturing defects with a industry leading warranty. Want to continue that great feeling a warranty provides? We got you covered.

Our Team

Our engineers use the latest CAD technology, manufacturing facilities, employing state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, & internal quality controls to ensure performance precisely as designed. We also offer expert level of support to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Our History At Mereen-Johnson






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