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Rip Saw Machines

Rip Saws that Deliver the Quality, Performance and Profit You Demand

At Mereen-Johnson, we built our reputation on rip saws. We manufacture each one in the U.S.A. to exceed industry standards, resulting in a long-lasting machine that can process many raw materials. These durable rip saws provide the highest production volume and reliability with the least amount of maintenance. The result: the lowest cost of ownership, combined with quality you can trust.

Our rip saw options are customized to your needs, whether you run a small shop or a large operation. All our machines provide unprecedented yield management—maximizing raw materials and minimizing waste. Our wide range of rip saws includes: 

  • Fixed Arbor Rip Saws: For maximum production capacity and minimal maintenance.
  • Shifting Blade Rip Saws: Our award-winning innovation that provides maximum flexibility.
  • Short Stock Rip Saws: The ideal rip saws for re-rip, short length and salvage material applications.
  • Roll Feed Rip Saws: High-speed, high-hogging arbor options that virtually eliminate edgings.
  • Diehl Machines Straight Line Rip Saws: Setting the standard for hollow cutting.


Scout Loader

Scout Loader is a fully automated feeder designed to directly offload deadpacked lumber fr…

Automation & Robotics

Tailored Solutions for the Solid Wood Sector

Mereen-Johnson stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge automated handling solutions that will streamline your workforce and wood machinery assets. Our smart, automated handling solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance your machine throughput and efficacy while substantially trimming your labor expenses.

Our complete spectrum of services ranges from conceptualization and design of production lines to installation, personnel training and ongoing maintenance, and we cater to a wide array of client requirements, offering both standardized system solutions and fully personalized options to suit your specific needs.