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Rip Optimization

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Mereen-Johnson has been consistently raising the bar & setting the standard for the industry since 1905. Our material handling & Rip Navigator Optimizing Systems are just one example of this. Built with the same care & attention to detail that our customers have come to expect, our rip optimization systems tower above the rest.

Designed & built using the latest quality components has resulted in the durable machine that utilizes groundbreaking technology at an affordable cost. Our optimizing systems are devised for increased production & improved lumber yield through better feeding precision & detailed production reporting, all while providing greater operator safety.

We offer optimizing systems to meet the demands of any industry, Rip Navigator Scout & Rip Navigator Tracker. Both methods can process countless raw materials such as wood, various composites, & more.

We are proud partners and integrators of Ultimizers scanning systems — Like Mereen-Johnson, another “Made in the USA” company!

Rip Navigator Scout

Gain Increased

Productivity & Yield

Our largest Rip Optimization system is the Scout; Equipped with infeed chains, board dealers, & an optional board flipper. This provides higher productivity & greater yield. It offers the ability to rip 10 – 16″ boards per minute & seamless integration with most Mereen-Johnson fixed blades and selective rip saws. To learn more click HERE. Learn more about our automated SCOUT LOADER material handling system click HERE, and to see a video click HERE.

Rip Navigator Tracker

Compact Affordability

Tracker provides an affordable solution in a compact package. Coupled with the cutting-edge Rip Navigator system, this combination allows this affordable machine to accurately rip most materials. To learn more click HERE.

NaviVision: A System Upgrade

Visualizing Tomorrow’s Solutions

Now with NaviVision scanning, Mereen-Johnson provides multiple color cameras for single face board scanning. This provides rip solutions based on either rip width only or rip width with crosscut requirements.

High-tech cameras scan each board to determine the board’s width, length, location/size of defects, & crook. Wane detection & scanning both faces are available options.

NaviVision is the perfect scanning & system upgrade to integrate with most existing Mereen-Johnson Scout, Group 7 DYDYD, & Barr-Mullin Rip Saw infeed systems.

Optimize your business today! For more information call to speak with a sales representative.

Let us help you get the right solution for your production needs.

To learn more click HERE.

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