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Increase Production Through Our Game-Changing Flexibility

Mereen-Johnson is committed to providing customers with the right solution for their individual needs.

We offer two different models of Dovetailers, the Model 1105 & 1101. Mereen-Johnson’s Dovetailers offer robust construction and U.S. based sales support that is second to none.”

Would you like more information, give us a call today! Let our sales representatives find the best Dovetail solution for you!

Model 1105 CNC Dovetailer

Perfect For High Production Operations

This machine is designed for high-production operations. Our innovative technology reduces the need for maintenance & repairs through the elimination of cams, large-easy to use touchscreen, & simple setup procedure. For more information click HERE.

Model 1101 CNC Dovetailer

Affordable & Versatile

For those looking for a compact, powerful, and advanced Dovetailer; our new Model 1101 is it! This CNC Dovetailer is one cut above the rest, with benefits such as drawer size flexibility, cutter compensation, and a menu-driven operator’s console. These are the reasons why our new Model 1101 is the most accurate, durable, & easy to use machine on the market. For more information click HERE.

Model 99D Box Press

Quick, Easy & Accurate

The Model 99 Box Press is the perfect companion for your Mereen-Johnson CNC Dovetailer. Ergonomic layout and controls make for a high production, efficient, work cell. For more information click HERE.


  • Precision linear bearings, air cylinder lock & clamp actuation, heavy welded steel construction, dual hand actuation, & single hand release controls.
  • Smooth single hand positioning, quick positive clamping from any position, durable, reliable, & accurate.


Gain Versatility, Durability, & Flexibility

Mereen-Johnson Versa-Moulder allows you to turn your imagination into reality. It is the ultimate solution for those that produce straight, curved, & irregular shaped or profiling moulding. The Versa-Moulder’s flexibility is perfect for high-margin, short-run, or custom jobs.

Maximize past investments & minimize added expense with the ability to interchange all your existing inventory of tooling directly between your primary Moulder or shaper, with the Versa-Moulder. This machine will virtually cut any angle from above or below tabletop & features quick access for tooling changes without disturbing spindle setup.

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