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Stay up and date and in the know with our downloadable service bulletins. Additional information is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as live support from our Customer Service Department at 1-888-4MJSAWS”

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(For most Model 312-DC, 312-DC/SR Series, Model 412 / 419 / 424 / 431 / 440 / 524 Series Fixed Arbor and Select-A-Rip Gang Rip Saws)
Key components for a proper functionig gang rip saw
How check if your oil mist lubrication system is working properly
New spindle design offers improved performance and service life
This removable baffle greatly improves dust collection efficiency
Review of key feed system components for gang rip saw owners
Ripping Hard Maple Service Bulletin
Dovetailer Troubleshooting
Best Practices for creating a good glue line joint
Best Practices for Increasing Ripsaw Productivity
Improving Gang Rip Saw Efficiency
Application for Employment
Mereen-Johnson UPDATED W-9
Most Up-to-Date W-9
2019 Calendar
1105G Maintenance
1105G Lubrication