Imagine having the parts you need, when you need them, without sacrificing yield from your raw material. Mereen-Johnson offers a full line of selective rip saws from one moving blade in combination with a gang sleeve to six fully shifting blades with edge hogging capability.

More choices to meet your specific production requirements, including:

- Our Model 312-DC/SR Series for big ship performance at a small shop price - 12" arbor capacity with up to two inboard shifting saws to facilitate access to outboard mounted TwistLock fixed blade saw collars or a removable saw sleeve.

- Our Model 524-DC/SR Series with up to four moving saws. Selective ripping has never been more affordable. And now a NEW two arbor version of the Model 524 is available, arranged to edge lumber on first arbor and precision rip on the second arbor. 

- Our Model 524-DC/SR 2 Plus Series for the ultimate production flexibility featuring a first arbor equipped with two shifting hogging blades to virtually eliminate edge strips and a second arbor with up to four shifting blades or 24" capacity fixed gang. Select Rip Saw Family

            Model 312-DC/SR Series                                        Model 524-DC/SR Series                                               Model 524-DC/SR 2+Series
            Up to Two Shifting Saws                                        Up to Four Shifting Saws                                                Up to Six Shifting Saws

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  • Features

    The versatility of one to six shifting saw blades. Heavy duty cast iron and steel frame construction. Direct drive, high efficiency arbor motor. “Posi-Feed” bed with replaceable steel backed rubber inserts. Two year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Benefits

    Fewer changeovers increases productivity Guaranteed glue joint precision allows edge gluing directly after ripping. Reduced moulder allowance reduces waste and increases your yield. Bullet-proof dependability with minimal maintenance keeps operating costs down and productivity up. High re-sale value and lowest cost of ownership.

  • Optional Equipment

    TwistLock fixed blade positioning system.
    Laser stands and lights.
    Infeed Conveyors and Pinch Rolls
    Outfeed conveyors
    Optimizing systems