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Job Responsibilities

  • Study plans for upcoming generation of machine design, and develop strategies for improving upon current models
  • Design products using CAD, and consult with engineering and manufacturing teammates to ensure that designs are feasible, and safe per industry standards
  • Ability to design a complete package, machine, and accessories
  • Develop and build prototypes and run tests to measure their level of function
  • Record and evaluate testing data, altering designs as necessary to bring them to safety, performance, and efficiency standards
  • Consult with fabrication teams during product manufacturing, advising them on design specifications and providing physical assistance when required
  • Research competitor products quarterly and collaborate with product development team to generate ideas for making our products the best ones on the market
  • Calculate cost estimates for final product designs, and release reports to supervisors, incorporating costs of labor, material, delivery, and overhead
  • Attend weekly team meetings to provide progress reports, obtain updates on colleagues’ progress, strategize on steps for following week and acquire information about projected emerging product lines
  • Record keeping, ECR/ECN process, being able to track machine build progress
  • Ability to work on your own.

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from an ABET-accredited program or similar degree with applicable experience
  • Three to Five years’ experience as a machine design/mechanical engineer
  • Investigative mind inclined toward developing practical solutions to real-world problems. Not afraid to ask questions and learn
  • White page product development
  • Proficiency with CAD, SolidWorks and Microsoft Office
  • Occasional travel
  • Able to create bills of material (BOM) within an ERP/MRP system
  • Machine manual creation
  • Ability to size bearings, electrical components such as motors, contactors, overloads


  • Education and experience in machine design, particularly capital equipment 50-250k range
  • Proficiency with hand tools, power tools and fabrication equipment
  • Prior work with 240/480-volt systems, PLC familiarity, ability to diagnose electrical issues would be a plus
  • Experience with woodworking equipment would be a plus.

COMPENSATION BASED ON EXPERIENCE — Send resumes to asutton@mereen-johnson.com


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