There are three primary means to improve efficiencies on your gang rip saw; keep the saw(s) running at peak performance, reduce down time associated with set-up/changeovers, and getting the highest yield from your raw materials. 

Keeping Your Saw Running At Peak Performance

Daily maintenance should be performed to keep your equipment running at its best and avoid down time. This task can be given to non-production staff during non-production hours. Just the simple task of daily cleaning can reduce defects and down time.

Check out the latest Service Update from Mereen-Johnson: Best Practices for ripping random width lumber and creating a good glue joint & Troubleshooting common Dovetailer issues 

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    Best Practices for Increasing Productivity at the Ripsaw

    Although it may seem obvious, the three ways to improve production and efficiency on the gang ripsaw are to: keep the machine running at peak performance, reduce setup and changeover downtime, and improve raw material yield.

    Below is an article written by Mereen-Johnson staff and published on the Woodworking Network:

    Optimizing Lumber Rip

    Ripping of random width lumber to create part blanks and stave material for wood products has for many years been accomplished using straight-line (single blade) ripsaws. The straight-line ripsaw provides great versatility in choosing what parts can be ripped from a random width board, but it is labor intensive and has limited production capabilities. 

    Our Model 524-DDC/SR 2 Plus Series for the ultimate production flexibility featuring a first arbor equipped with two shifting hogging blades to virtually eliminate edge strips and a second arbor with up to four shifting blades or 24" capacity fixed gang. Check out more here:…

    Banks Hardwoods recently installed a new Mereen-Johnson 524 rip saw, which when configured with their current Mereen-Johnson 424 saw will almost double their ripping capacity. For more information please click HERE.


    The Board Flipper option can reduce operator fatigue and increase production. 

    Contact your Mereen-Johnson Sales Representative for additional information at 1-888-4MJSAWS (465-7297).

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    Double End

    Welder - Location: Webster, SD
    Responsible for the operation of welding equipment to perform complex welding tasks on a variety of metals and alloys.

    Mereen-Johnson's TwistLock Blade Setting System is the industry's fastest fixed blade positioning system. Blades are individually positioned allowing for single pocket changes without disturbing the balance of your arbor set-up. See it in action HERE.

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