Mereen-Johnson has created an enhanced customized training and preventative maintenance initiative called “QAP” -- which is short for Quality Assurance Program. 

qap 1

Mereen-Johnson’s QAP is customized for the individual customer focusing on employee training and preventative machine maintenance. Our QAP Team will make sure your team and your machine are operating safely and at peak efficiency.

From an economic and safety perspective there are meaningful benefits to be gained by adopting a more comprehensive approach to preventative machine maintenance and operator training.



What We Do:

  • Develop a customized training and preventative maintenance plan which includes a detailed machine inspection, operator training seminars as well as hands on machine time with operators and maintenance personnel, a written summary of findings, and a detailed action plan for follow-up.
  • QAP is scalable, meaning it can be more or less comprehensive depending upon your needs. 

Results You Get:

  • Improved machine reliability & performance
  • Fewer potential breakdowns & less down time
  • Increased operating efficiencies & improved  operator skills
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Better safety practices
  • Fewer rejects
  • Better return on your investment