At this year's AWFS Fair in Las Vegas Mereen-Johnson will be doing LIVE demos of its Model 312 DC/SR rip saw paired with our Rip Navigator Tracker Rip Optimizing System, giving you the opportunity to see the world's best optimizing system live and in person. 

312 Tracker

The Model 312, when paired with the Tracker, gives you big shop performance at a small shop price. Here is a video of the system in action:

  • For more information about Rip Navigator Tracker click HERE.   
  • If need complimentary tickets to the show, we have a limited number available -- Please click HERE for more information.

Also doing LIVE demos at the Mereen-Johnson booth will be our Model 1105-G Dovetailer, and Model 99-D Box Press. These machines are perfect for any size shop, providing quality and versatility second to none. Here are some videos of the machines in action: