Tim Brown Assumes Project Manager Role

(Minneapolis, MN) - After 38 years with Mereen-Johnson, long time Product Manager Dave Joslyn has decided to retire. 

Joslyn has seen a lot of changes over the years. "Technology has changed a lot," said Joslyn. "At first computers were not used at all, and then quickly we went from relay logic to PLCs which have developed into fully automated systems. Fortunately, Mereen-Johnson has been at the head of the pack."

"Dave Joslyn is a living legend at Mereen-Johnson," said Paul Wilmes, Mereen-Johnson CEO. "Dave has been a steady hand on the tiller always making sure customer expectations were being met."

While Dave's shoes are hard to fill, Mereen-Johnson is fortunate to have the perfect replacement already in-house. Tim Brown, who had been the Marketing Manager at Mereen-Johnson since 2006, will take Dave's place and become Mereen-Johnson's Project Manager, which will include the Product Manager responsibilities as well as other duties.

Prior to being Marketing Manager Tim had served as the head of International Sales, traveling the world for Mereen-Johnson as well as serving as Chair of the International Business Development Committee for the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America for several terms. Tim started in the chain department and has an expert understanding of how Mereen-Johnson machines and parts are made as well as how they are used in the field.

"This is the perfect position to utilize Tim's extensive knowledge of our machines as well as his well-honed customer relations skills," said Paul Wilmes. "With the retirement of Dave Joslyn there is no person in our company better suited to fill the very large shoes Mr. Joslyn will be leaving behind."

As for Dave, he isn't sure exactly what he will do in retirement, and he likes it that way. "My wife Kay will be retiring in October and we expect to take some long trips down south during winter. Maybe we will get a home up north, or maybe we will decide to do something else. Or, maybe we will just decide not to decide," mused Joslyn.

Mereen-Johnson, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with manufacturing facilities in Webster, South Dakota, has been building heavy-duty, high-tech industrial woodworking machines since 1905. 

Brown and Joslyn

Tim Brown (seated) and Dave Joslyn