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  • Mereen-Johnson's Rip Navigator Optimizing System

    Mereen-Johnson's Rip Navigator Optimizing Scout System for the Gang Rip Saw provides big shop production and features in a small footprint and is affordably priced. Read More

  • Mereen-Johnson's Model 524 "Select-A-Rip" Rip Saw

    The Mereen-Johnson Model 524-DC/SR can be equipped with up to four fully independent shifting saw blades maximizing production flexibility, improving utilization efficiency from raw materials, and drastically reducing set-up times. The Model 524-DC/SR is value engineered and manufactured in the our factory in Webster, SD and is priced significantly less than traditional multiple blade selective rip saws.

  • Mereen-Johnson's New Quality Assurance Program

    Mereen-Johnson's Quality Assurance Program will keep your equipment running at peak performance, improving accuracy and quality, while reducing rejects and down time. Read More

  • New Scout Loader Automated Lumber Loader

    Mereen-Johnson’s new Scout loader is a fully automated feeder designed to directly offload lumber from bunks to it’s Rip Navigator Scout Optimizing system for more efficient and flexible production.  The system features a compact footprint compared to unscrambles or tilt hoists. The new Scout Loader will streamline production, greatly reduce material handling damage, and precisely transfer each layer of boards through vacuum assist without destabilizing the bunk.

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